Useful Links to Help Flush Blockages! 

Guest Post by J.R.Poulter

My tried and true way to overcome a bit of a blank spot in writing is to leave it.  Down pen or off computer and do something else totally unrelated for a while. If the story then doesn’t flow the way I want, I put it away till I feel inspired to dig it out again.

However, we don’t always have the luxury of putting something aside. Competitions have deadlines. Publishers have deadlines. We live in a world that is constantly ticking down to the buzzer!

The links below might give you some ideas for those critical situations.

Having difficulty describing the feelings you want to attribute to your character? Use the Patrick Allan Vocabulary Wheel.


Peter Taylor dug out this one to help develop characters – Found at Character Secrets.

Stuck for the perfect name for your character? Try this site for a choice of one or two first names, surname, sex and ethnicity.

Need a name for a fantasy character? This generator is specially designed to give you names for fantastical creatures and magical beings.

If you are a bit techy and like to generate really sophisticated fantasy names, give this one a go.

One just for fun, to see how weird it could possibly get! This site gives everything from plot twists [really twisted ones] to location names.


Have fun and clear away those cobwebs at the same time!


Written by J.R. Poulter.

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