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Writing Tips For Children’s Book Writers

school-animation-pencilIf you love the world of children’s literature, and you’re interested in bettering your skills in writing for children, then you’re in the right place! You can find a wealth of information on the internet, but here you’ll find some useful tips firsthand from the authors themselves, plus a few valuable links to articles from some industry professionals.

“Write rather than talking about going to write.”
Hazel Edwards, author of the There’s A Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake series.

“When thinking of story ideas, try seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Experience things with fresh eyes, ears, touch. Talk with a child – be the child!”
Renee Price, author of Digby’s Moon Mission.

“Have a strong goal and stay focussed. Don’t get distracted by things that don’t lead you towards your goal.”
Jenny Graham, founder of AbcJenny.

“Finish what you start. And have your work constantly monitored by a critique group of writers whose opinions you trust. Before you submit, get your manuscript assessed by a professional editor.”
Di Bates, author of A Game of Keeps, The Girl in the Basement.

“Connect with other writers. They have a wealth of knowledge that you didn’t even know existed!”
Julieann Wallace, author of Lillie’s Lollies, Darth.

“Just write. Don’t stress over wordcount or anything like that for your first draft, just write.”
Melissa Gijsbers, author of Swallow Me, NOW!

“Beware when you think you are brilliant. Put it away and read it in a few days as if your teenaged daughter was reading over your shoulder (or give it to her to read too!).”
Debra Tidball, author of When I See Grandma.

“Just because it happened to you – doesn’t make it interesting.”
Chrissie Perry, author of Penelope Perfect.

“Never EVER give up! Rethink!…Rewrite!…Resubmit!”
Karen Tyrrell, author of STOP the Bully, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember.

“Never stop learning how to write better!”
Sheryl Gwyther, author of The Magic Globe, Ali Berber and the Forty Grains of Salt.

“Write the story that’s in you and needs to get out rather than what you think people will want to read.”
Candice Lemon-Scott, author of the Jake in Space series.

“Procrastinate productively. Set your own deadlines and stick to them.”
Yvonne Mes, author of Oliver’s Grumbles, Meet Sidney Nolan.

“I’ve always written from the heart… hopefully always will!”
Jo Emery, author of My Dad is a FIFO Dad.

“Write a  story that interests you, that way you will perservere at it.”
Jenny Woolsey, children’s book writer.

“Be open to possibilities. There might be a different way to approach your story or a market you haven’t considered.”
Teena Raffa-Mulligan, author of Best Beast, True Blue Amigos.

“Write what you know!”
Robert Vescio, author of Marlo Can Fly, Hopscotch Showdown.



Hazel Edwards talks about the business of writing; How to be an Authorpreneur here.

Jenny Graham from AbcJenny encourages writers to celebrate every goal achieved, no matter the size. Read about her tips here.

Melissa Gijsbers from Melissa Writes provides a treasure trove of writing tips on her website here.

BuzzWords is an e-mag for writers and illustrators of children’s literature that features excellent resources for publishing markets, opportunities, conferences, articles and more. Visit the website.

The professional team at Kids’ Book Review have formulated a fantastic list of Picture Book Writing Tips that can be downloaded from their website here.

Creative Kids Tales includes fantastic Top Tips from some of Australia’s leading authors / illustrators on writing for children.

Children’s Book Insider always has great articles on writing for children, including this one: Ten Rules for Writing for Children.

Now get writing!

Now get writing!

If you have a fabulous writing tip yor know of a useful website, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at justwriteforkidsblog@gmail.com.

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